22 January 2011

Two proven services to get your eBook into the world in 2011

The most recent version of the Red Lotus Letter from Master Feng Shui Consultant Kathryn Weber contained the following forecast for 2011:
Areas for Growth--Career gains coming this year:
There is good business potential.... You can get ahead in the year by thinking strategically in business and by writing. Women in particular have the Lucky 4 star to help them get published, so submit those manuscripts and get that book done!

Here are two resources to get your book out of your head and into the world in 2011:
  1. E-reader Formatting and Uploading
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    Is your eBook finished? Do you already have a published book? Are you ready for increased exposure and worldwide sales, but don't have a clue how to format and upload your content for Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPAD, Borders' Kobo and the Barnes & Noble e-reader? No worries!

    In collaboration with an expert in this technology, EditCopyProof now offers a book/eBook e-reader formatting and uploading service so your book can be ready to sell within days!

    When your book is sold on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com, in the perception of consumers, you have instant credibility, and based on statistics, increased sales vs. selling via your Web site. Amazon and B&N already have global impact and proven reputations; why not benefit?

    This service is so new, we're still finalizing the sales page, but if you want the scoop right now, email me for details.

  2. eBook

    Write Your eBook Using a Trusted and Proven System While Maintaining Your Busy Life is a
    comprehensive step-by-step guide and workbook to write your own eBook with ease using reliable industry copywriting, ghostwriting and online marketing techniques.

20 January 2011

An excerpt: “Across the Clouds” from The Truth According To Horses

An excerpt: “Across the Clouds” from The Truth According To Horses: A Handbook To Life written by horses for humans (Liz Mitten Ryan)

(Note: Items in bold are my emphasis.)

You will not see a coyote stockpiling rabbits for winter. You will also not see rabbits building walls to keep the coyotes out. We trust in the wisdom that provides for our experience, and we are not attached to outcomes. This is because we experience on many levels of reality. This is only one.

You, Man, are the only creature who has created this idea of dominion, of superiority. You are the only one to believe in opposites and must therefore protect yourselves from a self-imposed idea; an idea that has life only in your reality—the one reality that you inhabit. We have only love. You have the opposite, which is fear.
Instead of surrendering to the flow of life, you must protect yourselves from the whole experience. You have therefore come to consider yourselves co-creators with God, and instead of accepting life, you try to change it. Do you really think you can do a better job than God? We don’t.

You have walled yourselves off from life by your ideas, and you call this intelligence. You believe having dominion over something makes you superior, safe. If you can manipulate life, then you are in control, and being in control makes you feel safe. You are not safe! You are in extreme danger of losing this experience you covet. We are trying to communicate with you and show you the wisdom of a simpler way.

18 January 2011

What is the "Know, Like and Trust Factor" and how does it grow your business?

The Know, Like & Trust Factor is a proven marketing component focused on establishing long-term connections with prospects and clients. Customers make initial and ongoing purchasing decisions based on a strong relationship foundation of dependability, respect, mutual understanding and shared history.

The Know, Like & Trust Factor grows your business because once you have established a relationship, you have a champion for life. Not only are they direct beneficiaries of your offerings, as the Faberge shampoo commercial from the 70's says, "... they told two friends and so on, and so on, and so on...." People talk and it's to your advantage to have them saying that your products or services enrich their lives.

The Know, Like and Trust Factor

This relationship-building approach in business is growing exponentially because it works to consistently build loyalty, sales and a solid platform for all future product or service launches.

Customers or clients must have a connection to you on all three levels before they purchase from you and become long-term buyers. You can be in front of prospects for many months before they purchase from you. Experts say that seven or more impressions are required before people feel they know, like and trust you enough to give you their money.

Think about it; it makes sense. The evolution of any relationship takes time to establish and maintain. It may seem odd at first to transfer personal relationship concepts to business connections, but it's not. Genuine connection to each other is an essential component in any relationship. When we conduct business as an extension of our personal lives and philosophies, this is a no-brainer. It's simply good business to establish a method by which prospects can get to know, like and trust you as a proven, strategic method of achieving results.

Here's how to become known, liked and trusted to build long-term client relationships:
  1. Know
    • Be as transparent as possible.
    • Share appropriate bits of your personal life.
    • Reveal yourself over time.
  2. Like
    • Use humor in your communications when appropriate.
    • Be authentically YOU... always.
    • Use your own voice.
  3. Trust
    • Consistently deliver on all promises.
    • Give content-rich information that is purely philanthropic.
    • Establish that you're an authority based on measurable results.

Why does this work? When clients know, like and trust you they:
  • feel comfortable (know)
  • want to support you by purchasing your products and services (like)
  • feel confident in their decision to give you their money and refer you to their family, friends and colleagues (trust)

When prospects feel that you genuinely value the relationship with them--not just their potential purchasing power--they'll be devoted followers forever.